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There are three different Miner Mole versions you can download. Basically they are all the same, they are just presented to you differently.

Installer version

As a novice user the installer version is the safe and easy choice. With this version you only need to download the file, run it and the program will get installed by itself. If you don't know which version to get, this is probably the one you want. However, if you don't have sufficient rights to install programs on the computer you are using (e.g. at work or at school) the zip version is the way to go. If you've already decided to go for the installer version, you can go directly to downloading.

Zip version

If you have special needs, don't have sufficient rights to install programs or don't like installers, the zip version is there for you. A zip-file is a file that contains files inside of it. They are packed into one file and you need to unpack (unzip) them to use them. To do this you need a zip program (or if you are running Windows XP there's a simple unzipper included in the operating system). If you need such a program I can recommend the free and open source based program 7-zip. TIP: If you want to put Miner Mole on a USB stick so you can take your copy of Miner Mole with all its settings wherever you go, the zip version is the best bet.

Source code version

This is for the advanced user who wants to take a look at or modify the source code of Miner Mole.

Saving and running

Depending on which browser you are using you will (normally) see a window where you can decide what to do with the file you are downloading. The easiest way is just to hit run or open and the file will download and then be run. If you are familiar with how to save the file and would like to do that, go ahead. Just remember to save it where you can easily find it afterwards and then open it from there.

Installing with installer version

Make sure that the user account which is being used for the installation has administrative rights that allow the installation of software.

Installer language

A screen will be displayed where you can choose the Installer Language, select the language you require from the list. Then click on OK to continue.

License agreement

Hopefully you should now see the following window where you will have to accept the terms of the license agreement to continue. Read through it and click "I Agree" if you do.

Install location

The next window will ask you where to install the program. If you don't have any special needs, click Next.

Start menu folder and shortcuts

Regardless if you chose to install the start menu shortcuts or not, you will be asked what you want to name the folder with the shortcuts to Miner Mole inside. The default name "Miner Mole" should be good for most people.

Installing with zip version

Installation with the zip version is very simple as long as you know how to work with zip files and can manage general file and directory handling in Windows. Basically you just extract (unzip) the downloaded file to a folder on your disk, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Miner Mole\" and then just start Miner Mole with the minermole.exe file afterwards. It might be a good idea to make a shortcut to this file on your desktop/start menu/quick launch so that you can easily access it.

To create a portable installation of Miner Mole on a USB stick or any other portable storage, you first have to extract the ZIP file contents to that location.

Compiling Miner Mole from source