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Getting started

This is the main window you see when you run Miner Mole.

The program controls are as follows:

Page number
Go one page back
Reload current page
Go to the next page
Show all elements without paging
Go back to previous search
Go up in the directory hierarchy
Open indexers window
Open search window
Open query builder
Program preferences
Exit program

Queries - Saved queries.

Labels - List of used labels.

Last query - Displays the current operation.

- Executes operations on the last query.

- When selected, the file that is drag and dropped into the Miner Mole window the file is copied into the selected folder
(a folder is selected when in the Last Query a valid path is displayed).

Search for Name - Search for names.

Search for Keyword - Search for keywords.

The default action when pressing Enter in the Search for field is to search names.

View - different types of views - icon, list, detailed and thumbnail