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Program preferences

View preferences:

Text color / Background color - sets the text and background color for the main window.
Open EMail with Outlook - if selected when double click on an email it will be opened by Outlook, if not selected an internal viewer will be used.
Select fields to view in Detailed View Files - here you can select the fields to display for files and folders.
Select fields to view in Detailed View Users - here you can select the fields to display for users.
Select fields to view in Detailed View EMails - here you can select the fields to display for EMails.

The field selector for file view:

Select, in the left panel, the field you want to be visible, set the default width of the field then press the ">>>" button.
You can change the order of the fields by selecting the field in the right panel then press the Up or Down button to move it.
Press clear to delete all the visible fields.

Indexer preferences:

Text miner application - the path for a text miner application that will convert different formats to text files.
LDAP Server - LDAP Server name or IP in the format LDAP://xyz
LDAP all fields - if selected LDAP indexer will store all the fields found for each record.
EMail extract keywords - select this option to create keywords form EMail subject and body.
EMail store body - if selected the whole body will be stored in the database.
Only meta from PDF's - select this option to extract only the meta information from PDF's and not the whole text.
Maximum indexing depth - this option specifies how deep in the folder hierarchy to go with the indexing.

Database preferences:

Database address - the network address (IP or host name) of the database. This is useful when a database server is used or when a database is shared for more computers.
Database name - the database name.
Bind to - this is the IP address where the database listens for connections. For security reasons the default is the localhost to deny access to the database from other computers. This should be changed to or to the network card address to allow other computers to connect. To enable user restricted access to the database, set the user and password in the application configuration file (minermole.exe.config) and configure the database accordingly (see the MongoDB website for more information).
Clear database - empty the database, ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED.
Reconnect - reconnect to the database, usefull if the program was disconnected from the database.

File system preferences:

Drive letter - drive letter where the Miner Mole file system to be mounted.